Ludewic M K

Of scarlet roses.. (Des roses écarlates..)

The wind blowing in the palm of midnight
Fanning the fires of incendiary my nights
Deafening silence from the torments inaudible
This breath stolen fragile lives
Flickering bloody oppressive
Built on promises of emotions senseless clay
Cause to bloom in my dark flaming
The scarlet roses of my hopes ..

I love the night.. (J’aime la nuit..)

The pieces of my soul reassembled through the silent harmony of true inner peace found.. Patience in building the puzzle of my life..
The moment I stop on the reflection of my own transformation, deployment of the wings to the disappearance of the horns..
The moment I feel rising nausea before the salient disfigurements of my mind, this face pressed against a glass trembling with fear..
And furrows dug by the terrible scars of my anger..

I love the night..
The invitation to die at the dawn of my long agony..

I love the night..
Hopes raised after the disasters of the ordinary..
The need to fly to my soul, down to earth..

I love the night..
It brings me back to what I am..
At least what I believe to be, occasionally, a human being..

Give music to the children

Give music to the children
A song to fill their lips
Beating melodies into the drums
They write symphonies of both now and the future
Notes in the air
Transcribed into their very thoughts
Down deep into their minds
They can only aspire to greater heights

Give music to the children
Something to heal the soul
Cleanse the spirit of a day’s evil
So they start thinking right
A hymn of joyous moments
A cantata of peaceful times
Sung by an orchestra of earthly pearls
Swing on high it will last a lifetime

Give music to the children
A lullaby mom sang so they could sleep
Its melody resounding in their minds
Reminding them no place will ever replace home
Round and down, straight and high
Will the great roll on sully streams
Trying to make meaning of the birdie chirps
Beyond the cloudy skies lies the fortune many seek for few shall find

Give Music to the children
Rhymes for ages shared
Realms on ends limp

In the depths of my solitude

In the depths of my solitude
Strength to conquer rises from within
Dreams are never but realties waiting to come
I know one day I will win
Each victory unique in its own way
What if things were different?
Rhapsodies of glories past, battles lost contemplating on victories won
I know if I get down with it I will make that change
Change change change Yes Change and change but what do I change
Sure yes hope it’s for the better by me
I know not all my plans will be accepted by all
I am king, ruler of all; a rule of law equity shall I give them
Dominions of little ones
No difficulties ever on my path.


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